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Protect your drone from Cyber Attack

06 Oct 2015 Simon

A report released by Lloyd’s of London insurance market in August this year has highlighted concerns around safety, security and surveillance in the drone sector as it continues on its path of rapid expansion.

Three keys areas were identified as needing to be developed: regulation; safety through training and licences; and security.

For those drone operators who believe that, as they are not working for the government or similarly obvious targets, cyber attacks are unlikely, the report has a stark warning: “Most civilian drones rely on unencrypted data links for command and control and navigation, meaning they are particularly vulnerable to jamming, interception and manipulation. Researchers have highlighted the ease with which drones can be attacked electronically, and some reports have suggested that a thriving community of ‘drone hackers’ is already established.”

It goes on to note: “Vulnerability to cyber attack has not yet emerged as a major factor for insurers’ assessment of drone risks, but it is likely that cyber security will be an increasingly important consideration for commercial drone operations.”

In fact, it’s remarkably easy to find an online guide to hacking drones. The only way to adequately protect yourself and your company against cyber attacks is to be vigilant about cyber security and ensure your drone insurance policy includes cover for cyber attacks.