We are excited to announce the launch of a new drone insurance product, designed to provide coverage for all non-standard drone operations.
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Why Choose Moonrock Drone Insurance?

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We pride ourselves on offering the best drone insurance in the UK that's suited perfectly to professional drone operators seeking superior insurance to operate drones commercially in the UK. Our staff are well informed on both insurance and the drone industry and will always ensure you have the correct policy for your needs.

But don’t simply take our word for it, please scroll down to see what our customers say about us, along with our policies’ key features and benefits and more about why we won the award for the UK Drone Show’s Insurance Product of The Year.


Key Benefits

  • Click and purchase for instant insurance
    No arduous form filling and waiting for a call back or email response saving you time
  • Simple to cover more than one drone on a single policy
    This is simple and easy with no need for drone serial numbers & number of hours flown
  • We insure your drone against cyber attack
    We protect your drone against vulnerability to hacking, interception & manipulation
  • We provide cover for worldwide (ex USA and Canada) usage of your drone
    Extended geographical limits allowing you to pilot globally
  • Ancillary equipment including gimbals, tablets, and chargers also come under our policies
    These items are automatically covered and do not cost you extra to cover
  • We cover breaches of Data Protection
    Any compensation claims regarding personal data held by you are covered
  • Should your insured drone(s) need repair we will cover alternative hire costs
    We will make sure you don’t lose business providing a courtesy drone for up to 6 months
  • We insure your drone against privacy infringement claims
    Giving peace of mind as the public’s biggest concern regarding drones is invasion of their privacy
  • Your drone is covered to the same extent whether it is in flight or not
    No variation of cover depending on where the drone is situated
  • Employees of your company, including outsourced contractors are covered
    Employees & contractors are covered for legal defence and compensation claims