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They used their drones to do what?!

14 Oct 2015 Simon

As specialists in UK drone insurance, we talk to a lot of drone operators each day. And most of them use their drones in ways that don’t make our jaws drop: shooting film scenes, taking photos for wedding, aerial surveying etc.

There are some people, however, who have slightly crazier ideas when it comes to using drones. Take the two teens from California who just last month plead guilty to using a drone to smuggle 13kg of heroin into the US from Mexico. Also delivering drugs via drone (although entirely legally!) is San Francisco start-up Quiqui, which delivers prescriptions from pharmacies direct to patients’ houses.

Another unexpected user of drones is the League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) which has been known to deploy drones to monitor for any evidence of illegal hunts.

ShadowView Foundation, the company that provided LACS with the drones and technology needed, is also involved in helping prevent the poaching of the remaining rhinos in the Greater Kruger National Park in South Africa.

Sticking with the animal theme, a UK company called WingBeat has developed the Robera, a robotic prey bird that they use to train falcons on their chasing and hunting techniques. That’s just a few of the more unusual uses for drones that we’ve heard about. But with drones becoming more and more part of the fabric of every day life, getting Insurance for drones  is the only way to potentially avoid costly mishaps and ensure your Drone use is risk-free.